The Norwegian Association of Pharmacists (Farmaceutene) is part of The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations - state (Akademikerne stat) which is the largest federation of unions in the state sector.

Akademikerne stat went on strike Friday the 24th of May. 

The first pharmacists joined the strike Monday the 27th of May. 

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Wants to keep the old agreement

Akademikerne strikes because the state wants the same collective agreement for all the federations with members employed by the state, LO, YS, Akademikerne and UNIO. Akademikerne established their own agreement with the state eight years ago. This agreement has been good for state employees with higher education, and Akademikerne wants to keep that agreement. 

Higher education must mean better salary

Before the new agreement eight years ago, state employees with higher education had poor pay development, both compared to highly educated people in the private sector, and state employees with shorter education. Akademikerne's new collective agreement has made it possible to reverse this negative development.

— The agreement Akademikerne has with the state and which Farmaceutene is part of, is very important to us. It assures that education is reflected on the pay slip, says leader of Farmaceutene, Birgitte Lloyd.