To be able to vaccinate more Norwegians against Covid-19 simultaneously, the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services has expanded the prescription rights for Covid-19-vaccines to more groups of health personnel.

During the public hearing, the ministry received several hearing comments demanding the inclusion of pharmacists. On 22 March, the ministry adopted a temporary regulation giving pharmacists employed in municipalities, healthcare institutions, non-profit private hospitals having contracts with a regional health institution, and pharmacies rights to prescribe the vaccines. 

Chairman of the Norwegian Association of Pharmacists, Urd Andestad, is pleased that the ministry listened to the association and others working for prescription rights. 

“It´s good that pharmaceutical competence both in municipalities and pharmacies gets used. This will give municipalities more tools for vaccination and facilitate a sensible use of available personnel, both pharmacists and other health workers,” she says. 

The news was also received joyfully in the Norwegian pharmacies. 

“It´s very positive that this change has come in place. This will make it easier for the municipalities getting support from pharmacies when the mass vaccination truly gets under way in the spring. With 4.000 vaccinators and 2.000 pharmacists with prescription rights, the pharmacies are a significant recourse,” says Hanne Andresen who is professional director of the Norwegian Pharmacy Association on the association´s webpages

The temporary regulation is in effect from 22 March 2021 until 1 January 2022.